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Kolathur Chennai

Celebration of Biking and Race Track Experience Scout

Rs. 1499.

December 11th at Madras International Circuit (MMRT)


Registration includes  : 

  1. One meal food 
  2. Stunt show access 
  3. Goodies 
  4. Give away contest entries
Note: You cannot make payment for multiple ticket at same time. To book more than 1 ticket, please complete the payment with relevant ticket information separately for each ticket. 

On clicking above, you will be redirected to our events page and you will get full details. 

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Glass Cubicles

Wooden Falseceiling

Gypsum Falseceiling

Parking Tiles

Marble Flooring

Granite Tiles

Vitrified Tiles

Digital Tiles


RCC UG Septic Tank

Glass Railing

Elevation Tiles

Construction Approval

Interior Working Drawing

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