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Which is better apartment or independent house?

apartment or independent house


If your family and you decided to buy a home, the immediate question that arises in your mind is “Should I buy an apartment or independent house. Considering factors, there are both pros and cons for an apartment or an independent house. 

Which Is Better - An Independent House or A Flat ? 

What are the advantages of an independent house? 

  • You can design your house as per your preference and comfort 
  • You will be able to enjoy higher degree of freedom if choose independent house 
  • You can change interior and exterior of the home based on the latest trends 
  • You can set up a garden area, if you love gardening 
  • You can take care of your pets and group them without any disturbances 
  • You will have some privacy without any problem 
  • You could expand the space at your home as per your future requirements 
  • Tou could develop higher floor and get income by providing the room rent or lease. 


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