What Is Lintel Beam?

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A Lintel beam is placed across the openings like doors, windows, etc. Lintel beam construction is to support the load from the above structure.

The width of the beam should be equal to the wall width, and the end should be built in the wall.

They are classified based on their material construction. A horizontal lintel is easy to construct as compared to arches. 

What are the types in lintel beam? 

Timber lintel 

timber lintel

Stone lintel 

stone lintel

Brick lintel 

brick lintel

Reinforced brick lintel 

reinforced brick lintel

Steel lintel 

steel lintel

Reinforced cement concrete lintel  

Reinforced cement concrete lintel

How do you make it? 

  • First, calculate the size and dimensions of the lintel. 
  • Let’s see how centering works. 
  • Centering metal sheet should be placed at top of the openings and it should be supported with an adjustable props jack or any wooden supporter.  
  • After the centering work, place the steel bars on the centering sheet with a gap to the rod and sheet with cover block. 
  • Pour the concrete in the centering sheet and let it cure for 2 or days. 
  • After curing, Dismantle the centering work.  

 Does it is necessary? 

  • Lintel beam is to support the wall on top of the openings like doors and window. 
  • Lintel beam is kept for transferring the load to the side walls. 
  • Lintel beams are constructed to withstand the top loads coming from above bricks. 
  • It acts as a safety guard for the windows and doors. 
  • In some cases, it is designed for style and look to the wall or building. 

Useful points: 

  • They are easy and simple to build lintel beam. 
  • Framework in lintel beam is inexpensive and centring work is little easy. 
  • Exclusive load is not applied in lintel, so they are not constructed firmly 
  • If the load is uniformly distributed, lintel beam can bear a huge amount of load. 
  • They looks simple and are delicate. 

How to calculate size? 

  • Let’s assume the opening length as 2m and 200m a minimum load-bearing space at both ends. 
  • The length of the beam will be 2.4m or 2.5m appx. (L = 2+0.2+0.2). 
  • For the lintel beam, the minimum thickness should be 100mm or 3.9/4 inches.  
  • So, lets calculate for 2m span. (Thickness = 2.4/20+error= 114mm). 

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