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1200 Sqft Duplex House
2 Storey - Ennore

3 Bedrooms Open Kitchen Gym Private Terrace with Garden

Duplex House - Construction cost 50 Lakhs

This is short architectural story about how we designed a small housing plot of an extent 1200 sqft land into a beautiful compact bungalow. This property is located at North Chennai and our client  wants to build a beautiful house over his land which had 30 year old small house. So, Our team felt that this house should reflect his status at his locality. 

Compact Duplex House

SS Handrail

Wooden Window

Wooden Door

Pergola Design

MS Main Gate

Plastering Band

Plastering Grooves

Glass Railing

Stone Cladding

Property Detail

Total Area

1200 Sqft


30' x 40'


30 Feet



Road Width


Design Gallery

Client didn’t want to spend more as he already owns a house next street. He gave us a tight budget of 50 lakhs for entire project. We worked on the project with 5% discount overall and Finalised the project at 60.8 Lakhs with Interiors.

A duplex house with Internal Staircase

An External Staircase

A Car parking

3 Bedrooms

1 Living Room with TV unit

1 Hall

1 Family Room

Open Kitchen

6 seater Dining space

A balcony space

A gym at terrace

One Private Terrace with Garden

Project Details

Buildup Area

Ground Floor

1100 Sqft

First Floor

1100 Sqft

Second Floor

300 Sqft

Total Area

2500 Sqft

Our Estimate Break-up

Client didn’t want to spend more as he already owns a house next street. He gave us a tight budget of 50 lakhs for entire project. We worked on the project with 5% discount overall and Finalised the project at 60.8 Lakhs.

Interior Specification

Total Budget

₹ 60,83,705

Site Specifications

Tips to Make Your Home Look Elegant on A Budget

Tips to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Everyone wishes to want their home to look classy and current, but it’s not always easy to get the look when you’re out of funds. We all dream of having more elegant items in our home or struggling without a budget, but why dream when you can make it a reality? MOHANKUMAR Constructions Pvt Ltd owns some Ideas to make your dream come true. Follow the Idea’s perfect for the best outcome

Choose The Right Colours:

It is possibly the most challenging decision to take while decorating your house interior, especially if the other decor is based on the colour palate. There are many colours available to add charm instantly to your house. It is extremely suggested to pick two best colour options including dramatic and bold or understated, soft tones. The spirit and beautiful shades let you instantly add charm to the house. You can also design your interior door to automatically create an expensive feeling.

Natural Lighting The Room:

Natural lighting is very essential to a room. “Make sure you don’t block windows, and also don’t forget to add a table and floor lamps throughout your space for a huge statement, our ways to make your home look luxurious without spending a fortune is to never underestimate the dynamism of lighting 

Choose Attractive Lighting:

The designer light accessories are highly fancied items that will surely add more beauty to the house when compared to regular light fixtures. Fortunately, there are few methods you can follow to bring a high-end look to your house at a low price. 

Heavy Curtains:

Your windows need to be outfitted if you want your home to look elegant. If you don’t have any curtains up, your windows will look simple and inexpensive. Still, you can’t just put any curtains in place – you need to collect heavy window treatments, lined and fabricated from quality elements like velvet, silk, and cotton. You should additionally consider using screens, for a truly elegant look. They’ll present you with more privacy too.

Decorative Items:

You must decide wisely that what you need to make your house classy and elegant on a budget. Before wasting too much money on decorative things, you should buy the basic items like a sofa, dining table, a common table and many other things. These items will be valuable for you as well as add more beauty to your house. You don’t have to make your house glaring and exciting to make it amazing. You can create your house beautiful by using simplistic and classy items.

Elegant Furniture That Fits Your Budget:

Ever thought of buying an expensive sofa or couch and then ditched the idea immediately? Well, you are not alone. Several homeowners end up buying inexpensive furniture to save a few bucks only to end up spending on maintenance and repair in the long run. So if you are tight on funds but want to add an elegant piece of furniture in your home you have an option. Secondhand shops, consignment stores, and estate sales for quality pieces at affordable rates. Reupholster furniture to suit your decor. The money you save here can be used to reupholster furniture giving you an elegant piece at a fraction of the cost. 

Open TV Wires:

Never let the ugly wires from your TV and its accompanying gadgetry show. Find a way to hide them away to maintain a sophisticated look. A good (and not necessarily expensive) media unit with the TV attached to the wall, should help you accomplish this easily while helping you save precious square-footage on the floor.

Maintain A Theme:

Do you have any unsuitable accessories in your bedroom? Making little enhancements and changes like changing bedcovers and curtains, adding pillows in a mutual pattern, using slipcovers on furniture or arranging them painted will help to coordinate the details in the room to a selective colour design at an economical rate.

Start Shelving:

Are things falling out of your overloaded cupboards? Small storage space can make your kitchen space look confused. “A low-cost alternative to adding extra cabinets can be getting racks or mounting shelves at convenient places. Keep your jars of supplies and spices and other knick-knacks on them to give a neat look to your kitchen that will give a truly elegant look.


If you want to make your house look nice, you need to make essential as your friend. No matter how much you spend on your interior decor, your home will not look valuable if it is cluttered. Therefore, the first step to making your house look expensive is to get rid of everything that is unnecessary or doesn’t serve a particular purpose. According to many people believe, decluttering is that hard. No, If you set your mind to it, you can make your apartment look more attractive by cutting down on all the clutter in one weekend.

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