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Tips About Modular Kitchen You Can’t Afford To Miss


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A modular kitchen represents a unique opportunity to equip the interior as functionally as possible, and in the kitchen, you cannot do without a kitchen set – this is the most important furniture, without which it is impossible to imagine a working room. Today, a kitchen set, as a rule, is a group of different modules – individual items of furniture, each of which carries a practical load. What are modular kitchens and what are their varieties – a little bit of theory and practice. 

The idea of furniture modules appeared not so long ago – in the seventies. But very quickly, furniture from individual sectors gained popularity. Modular kitchens are becoming ubiquitous – on top of that, there is practically no kitchen equipment with freestanding cabinets and shelves. 

The angular design is considered the most comfortable, as it allows you to conveniently equip a working “triangle” 

Current standard kitchen units consist of a standard set of partitions. 

These include: 

  • Floor tanks 
  • Cabinet sink. 
  • Wall cabinets 
  • Cabinet with shelves and drawers. 
  • Cabinets for built-in appliances. 

Floor cabinets form the mainline for the headset and are often combined by a common work surface. They are used to store food and utensils. Wall cabinets – the type of furniture attached to the walls. Its application is similar. Wall cabinets are not designed to store heavy items, including small household appliances. The wall cabinet type is a cabinet with a dishwasher. 

A module can stand alone – a cabinet with shelves. This piece of furniture is the longest. Its dimensions can be either standard or non-standard, depending on whether the furniture is made or not. Modular furniture can be supplemented with shelves of various configurations. Their sizes depend on the design of the headphones. Kitchen can be installed in both standard and non-standard roomsTo prevent kitchen clutter from appearing, you can install transparent doors.

modular kitchen

Modular kitchens have many advantages. These include: 

The ability to arrange modules to your liking in the kitchen, depending on the configuration and your own ideas about aesthetics. 

  • The ability to change the design of the kitchen, change units in places. 
  • Practicality and functionality. 
  • The ability to remove all things from the eyes. 

Modular kitchens are ideal for small spaces. 

M kitchen

Before arranging the furniture, the kitchen is detailed, when it is planned approximately where the individual modules will be determined. 


Sizes of modular headphones can be completely different. Today in the world there are many factories that produce modular furniture. As a rule, manufacturers offer several standard rulers – for small kitchens, for medium and large kitchens. In this case, the dimensions of the headphones determine not the number of units, but the dimensions of the cabinets themselves. However, you can go the other way, trying to place standard-sized furniture in a small kitchen, and in this case, it costs fewer partitions. 

The modular L-shaped kitchen allows for very effective zoning 

The height of the floor cabinets reaches 85 cm. The depth of the cabinets can vary, the floor cabinets have more, and the wall-mounted ones are less. As a rule, it fits dimensions 45-50 m. 


Modular furniture can be of different types: 

  • Factory finished in standard sizes. 
  • Made to order standard sizes. 
  • Non-standard sizes made according to your project. 
  • DIY making. 

The modular kitchen allows you to compactly place everything you need 

All types have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The main advantages of standard factory models are that they are very easy to purchase and order, without waiting for its implementation, which can last for several weeks or even months. Plus, sometimes, it’s easy to expand a regular speaker just by purchasing another unit. When a separate unit fails, it is easy to replace. The disadvantages include the fact that you cannot expect a special character from the inside. 

Furniture within an individual project is suitable because it allows you to create an individual interior solution; It has individual dimensions for a specific room area, which allow you to optimally use every centimetre of the area. The disadvantages include the fact that it costs more than the factory. 

So, let’s go again! What are modular kitchens? 

The factory produces a range of cabinets of different types: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, with or without drawers, conventional and corner cabinets, hoods, side table bases and the like. All units are made in several colour and size options, but in the same style. All elements of this group fit together and allow you to create your entire kitchen space. Prefab units can be purchased in the building’s supermarket – like OBI – and are easy to customize to fit your kitchen. Since these are modular units, they are usually cheaper and are a great choice for people who want their kitchen to look modern and stylish but have a limited budget for an update. 

Stylish appearance 

Before a machine that produces kitchen cabinets from a particular series starts working, the best designers will develop modular solutions. And these are the designers who do not follow the latest fashion trends in interiors as much as they create trends. So, a modular kitchen is always an elegant and elegant look. In fact, you get the kitchen off the TV – as in your favourite series or cooking show. This is very important if you are planning to invite friends. In a modern kitchen, aesthetics and functionality must coexist. 

Optimal use of space 

Continuing the topic of the job, I would like to note that modular headphones are produced by large companies that invest a lot of money at all stages, including those in the development and testing stages. Therefore, acquiring such a kitchen, you will get a carefully thought-out product designed by eminent experts who are familiar with the functionality of all its elements. 

Fast delivery, easy assembly, easy repair 

Say goodbye to the carpenter. You don’t have to wait months for a new kitchen set and put up with the inevitable noise and dust when preparing your kitchen to order. All lockers and cupboards are already manufactured. It can only be delivered. 

The assembly does not require much time and effort. You can do it yourself or order service in the store where you buy the standard kitchen. All items can be moved and exchanged. And if you decide to move to a new residence, the headphones are easy to disassemble, move and then assemble, and adjust all components to fit the new space. 

Current standard kitchen units consist of a standard set of partitions. 

  • Floor tanks 
  • Cabinet sink. 
  • Wall cabinets 
  • Cabinet with shelves and drawers. 
  • Cabinets for built-in appliances. 

Having questions in Modular Kitchen? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from our team. 

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