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You Will Thank Us – 20+ Tips About Bedroom False Ceiling You Need To Know

Bedroom False ceiling

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bedroom false ceiling

Do you want to give your rooms a spicy touch?  

 Get rid of that boring white ceiling!  

  • As you may know, I’m on a mission to improve my builder home by giving you those extra touches you see on expensive custom homes … but without paying the custom home price.  
  • The main way I do this is to look for design rooms that I like and find out what makes them so special. There are no boring white ceilings in my house!  
  • If you look at some of the most impressive halls in the world, all of them include gorgeous ceilings.  
  • I’m sure they were painted using scaffolding and in an upside-down position which seems like too much work to me!  
  • Fortunately, it is possible to get the same interest and warmth in the ceiling of your home, without spending a lot of time and effort. 

bedroom false ceiling ideas


Some ideas for bedroom ideas 

I do this in many of my rooms because it has the added benefit of making your room seem bigger.  

  • There are no visual clues separating the walls from the ceiling, so your eye sees everything as one large surface.  
  • It also works well with dark colours in small rooms like my studio, where I’ve painted walls and ceilings the same black.  
  • The second way to decorate the ceiling is to find inspiration in what you already have. If there is a pattern in your room, such as this wallpaper or rug, try choosing one of the patterns colours for the ceiling.  
  • It brings the whole room together and adds some pizzazz. This bedroom in brown also looks amazing! My mom did something similar in her bedroom makeover, putting pink wallpaper on the ceiling.   
  • The colour of the ceiling should be related to the pillows and the lamp to give the room a cohesive look. The sheen of the paint also reflects light so that the darker colour doesn’t make the ceiling appear lower. 
  •   My mom did something similar with her living room ceiling. She painted it gold to match her room’s blue, white, and gold colour scheme.  
  • The next thing in my way of decorating the ceiling is to install a ceiling medallion. 
  • Ceiling medallions are a great way to draw attention to the ceiling, especially if you have a fabulous chandelier you want to highlight. 
  • Of course, if you want to make a statement even more, you can paint it in more than one color. I love this ceiling medallion painted in gold and pink! Or, if you want to save money, you can make your own lace locket like I did when I redecorated my studio. 
  • The sequel to my ceiling design ideas takes the medallion look a step further by installing the crown molding. 
  • If you really want to go all out, these decorative crown moldings are sure to make a statement! And they’re actually very easy to install with some construction glue and nails. 
  • Or you could add some handcrafted-style moldings like my mom did if you really want to increase the architectural interest factor. 
  • Now we may get out of the comfort zone of some people’s ceiling décor, but painting stripes on the ceiling really helps bring some drama to the room. 
  • If you like colors a lot, bright stripes are fine too, as my mother used to do in her kitchen. They instantly make the whole room feel very cheerful. 
  • Another of my unique ceiling design ideas is to create a geometric ceiling design by painting a plaid or checkered plaid. This takes a little longer than stripes, but you will definitely end up with a dramatic ceiling! 
  • I painted blue checkered plaid tiles to match the French country vibe in the first version of my master bathroom. And my mom painted a checkered ceiling in her living room. I guess it must be hereditary. 
  • The star pattern painted on the ceiling in this entry is definitely a unique ceiling design idea! 
  • When I was planning my home office makeover, my original idea was to make a ceiling pattern something like this. Unfortunately, my time for the One Room Challenge has run out and I haven’t made it to this part of the project. But it makes such a claim that it’s still on my to-do lissome people may be wondering …  
  • can you install wallpaper on the ceiling? Well yes … yes you can! Installing wallpaper on the ceiling is challenging, but the results can be impressive!  
  • In the room above, painting the wall color on the ceiling and then adding the wallpaper in the center helps the ceiling appear taller than it is. 
  • Of course, you can always opt for a more subdued ceiling wallpaper pattern if you prefer a more understated look, like my mom did in her bedroom. 
  • Don’t feel like painting the ceiling? Our latest ceiling design idea is adding tin ceiling tiles. Tin-effect polystyrene tiles can stick to most surfaces. Yes, popcorn too! Even better?  
  • They are also very easy to install, and most standard-sized rooms only take a few hours to complete. Well, that’s it for our simple and unique ceiling design ideas. 

Please share and comment on this blog post. Still, you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our team receives special training to ensure that you get all the answers from us you. Get a free consultation from our team. 


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