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List Down of Construction Cost

construction cost

In Chennai, construction cost is starting from 1600 Rs/sqft. However, you cannot get everything in 1600 Rs. We can build a budget house at this price. In building construction, there are some important specifications to be noted.  

Before reading about the construction cost, it is important to choose what type of building you are planning to construct. Construction cost differs for different types of building. Please select the type of building to get the construction cost and their specification.  

  1. Budget House 
  1. Duplex House 
  1. Individual House – Ground Floor only 
  1. Residential Cum Rental house. 
  1. Compact Bungalow 
  1. Luxury Bungalow 
  1. Rental Complex 
  1. Commercial Building 

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I am listing down the specifications for 1600 Rs/sqft. They are 

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  1. Building Structure 
  2. Electrical Work 
  3. Plumbing Work 
  4. Doors and Windows 
  5. Flooring 
  6. Painting 
  7. Earthwork 
  8. Footing 
  9. Plinth Beam Stage 
  10. Brickwork 
  11. Roof 
  12. Plastering 
  13. Electrical work – concealing  

Building Structure 

In the building structure, you will get the entire civil structure of the building which includes, 

Description Details 
Foundation Footing depth upto 5′ 
Brick work 9″ outer wall and 4.5″ inner wall 
Concrete works like roof, column and beam M20 Grade concrete 
Steel in concrete As per structural design 
Plastering 12mm with plastering m-sand 
Cement for concrete Ultra Tech or Corammandel 
Cement for brick work Priya Cement 
Sand for concrete and brick work M-Sand  
Sand for plastering Plastering M-Sand 
Electrical Concealing Yes – Electrical Conduit pipes  

Electrical Work: 

In the electrical work, it includes all the wiring and electrical fittings inside the building alone.  

Description Details 
Wires Orbit, Finolex 
Switches Kundan 
Electrical Points 4 points per 100 sqft 
Kitchen 3 nos of 15 Amps for mixie, grinder and oven. 
Washing Machine 1 nos of 15 Amps connection 
Bathrooms 2 nos of heater provisions with 15 Amps connection 
AC  2 nos of AC provision with 4sqmm cables 

Plumbing Work: 

 In the plumbing work, it includes all the drainage and sanitary fittings for toilets and bathrooms as listed below. 

Description Details 
Pipes PVC 
Sanitary Fittings Parryware 
Faucets and Taps Standard ISI Brands 
Tank PVC Sintex Tanks – 500 Ltrs 
No of Toilets 2 nos with shower provision 
2 in 1 wall mixer 1 nos with hot water provision 
Washing Machine  1 provision with angle cock 
Sink 1 nos in kitchen 
Wash Basin 1 nos with wash basin tap  

Doors and Windows: 

Description Details 
Main Door Frame Teak Wood 
Main Door Shutter Teak Wood with carving design 
Bedroom Door Frame Teak or Padak 
Bedroom Door Shutter Flush Doors or Readymade Doors 
Toilet Doors  PVC 
Windows Aluminium Windows with Glass  


Description  Details 
Flooring 2 x 2 Vitrified Tiles at 40 Rs/sqft 
Bathroom  Ceramic tiles at 35 Rs/sqft upto 7 feet 
Kitchen wall 2′ above the kitchen slab 
Kitchen slab 15mm thick kadappa slab with sink provision 
Staircase tiles Not included 
Parking tiles Not included 


Description Details 
Interior Walls 1 coat primer and 2 coat Asian paint Tractor Emulsion 
Outer Walls 1 coat primer and 2 coat Asian paint Ace Emulsion 
Grills Not included 

Cost which is not included in the packages are 

  • Sump 
  • Septic Tank 
  • Compound wall 
  • Basement height 
  • Cement flooring around the house 
  • Water proofing 
  • Roof Tiles 
  • Additional Electrical Points 

Other important blogs to read before building a house. 

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  • House plan ideas? 
  • How to choose a building contractor? 
  1. Architect – To design a house 
  1. Structural Engineer – To ensure the quality and strength  
  1. Civil Engineer – To execute the building as per design 
  1. Neat Documentation 
  1. Transparent Pricing 
  1. Wide range of products to customize your house 
  1. Support team – To explain every process in the construction 
  1. Payment Breakup – For every stage 
  • How to choose the types of house? 
  • How much cost to build a bungalow?  

Don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our team receives special training to ensure that you get all the answers from us you. Get a free consultation from our team. 

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