Important Process & Steps In Building Construction?

Building Construction
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house construction steps

We are going to discuss the building constructions steps in this article in detail. The steps involved in building a house is not an easy task. It requires lots of effort and investment. Building construction requires a lot of time and tedious work. The building construction projects must consider important aspects like the purpose of construction, utility, financial proficiency, the demand for work, etc. 

House Construction steps:- 

  • To acquire land or plot. 
  • To get technical help. 
  • Preparing an estimate and budget. 
  • Permission from authorities. 
  • Approach an authorised construction contractors like mohankumar constructions. 

What are the steps in construction process? 

  • Site preparation and levelling 

Site preparation involves the demolition of buildings and other structures in the building. Cleaning of sites and sale of demolished materials and structures. Levelling is to determine the vertical position of different points below, on, or above the ground. 

  • Excavation and PCC 

Excavation is digging the ground for the basement and the preconstruction process. PCC is a mix of cement, sand or fine aggregate, coarse aggregate (jalli). 

  • Foundation 

Foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of the building, below ground level.  

  • Plinth beam 

A plinth beam is a reinforced concrete beam that is constructed between the wall and its foundation. It is provided to prevent the extension or propagation of cracks. 

  • Superstructure (column) 

The column is a vertical structure that can hold the whole building weight. All those vertical structures in the building are part of the superstructure. 

  • Brick masonry work 

Brick masonry is a highly durable form of building construction. It is constructed by placing bricks in mortar in a sequence to construct a structure that bears exerted loads. 

  • Lintel over Door Window gaps 

The lintel is horizontal support of concrete or steel across the top of a door or window. 

  • Floor slab or Roof structure 

The floor slab is theform the floor of a basement, at ground level or at higher levels. 

  • Door window framing and fixing 

The door and window should be framed after the completion of roof slab work and simultaneously it should be fixed. 

  • Electrical and Plumbing work 

Works like fixing like light, fan, other electrical equipments and plumbing work like a washbasin, sink, tap, etc. 

  • Exterior Finishing 

Exterior design is the most important factor for building. If u don’t invest in design and even in money it may dive you the unexpected results. It is about creating a positive vibe for every interaction and every touchpoint.  

  • Terrace and roof finishing 

Roof finishing accessories are available for a range of applications and may be chosen for functional, budgetary reasons, or aesthetic. 

  • Internal finishing 

 Internal finishing includes works like Plastering, filling and painting works, Paperhanging, Tiling, Construction of lightweight walls and ceilings. 

  • Woodwork and extra other fittings 
HDB bedroom carpentry work | Design, Home, Decor

In the final process of building construction, it may include work like aluminum works, wall painting, bathroom fittings, false ceiling, etc. 

Our construction cost is 1800 Rs/sqft

Construction Cost Calculation

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