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How we Built A Fabulous Compact Bungalow On A Tight Budget

Compact bungalow design

Small land into a beautiful compact bungalow in Chennai.

This is a short architectural story about how we designed a small housing plot of an extent 1200 sqft land into a beautiful compact bungalow.

compact bunglaw

What is the Property Detail:

Total Area: 1200 Sqft

Dimension: 30′ x 40′

Frontage: 30 Feet

Facing: North

Road Width: 16′

This property is located at North Chennai. My client Mr. Vellai Durai wants to build a beautiful house over his land which had 30 year old small house.

We felt that this house should reflect his status at his locality.

What is the Client Requirement?

  1. A duplex house with Internal Staircase
  2. An External Staircase
  3. A Car parking
  4. 3 Bedrooms
  5. 1 Living Room with TV unit
  6. 1 Hall
  7. 1 Family Room
  8. Open Kitchen
  9. 6 seater Dining space
  10. A balcony space
  11. A gym on the terrace
  12. One Private Terrace with Garden

Client didn’t want to spend more as he already owns a house next street. He gave us a tight budget of 50 lakhs for entire project. We worked on the project with 5% discount overall and Finalised the project at 60.8 Lakhs.

This project has become a unique project in that locality.

Project Details:

  • Total Built up area
  1. Ground Floor – 1100 Sqft
  2. First Floor – 1100 Sqft
  3. Second Floor – 300 Sqft
  4. Total – 2500 Sqft

Our Estimate Break-up:

1Architectural Services with house plan, structural drawing, interior designs, elevation and working drawings2500Sqft2562500
2Construction of house2500Sqft18004500000
3RCC Sump9000Ltrs25225000
4RCC Septic Tank5000Ltrs25125000
5External Staircase240Sqft1400336000
6SS Railings140RFt850119000
7Glass Railings100RFt1500150000
8Elevation Works810Sqft150121500
9Elevation Tiles (Natural Stones)150Sqft40060000
10Waterproofing with white roof tiles1320Sqfr120158400
11Additional Toilet1NOS9000090000
12TOTAL   59,47,400


false ceiling
1False ceiling1500Sqft95142500
2Loft Covering120Sqft65078000
3Cupboard Covering84Sqft75063000
4Modular Kitchen80Sqft1600128000
5TV Unit1Nos4500045000
6Total   4,56,500
cupboard wardrobe

Total Budget:

Scope of workAmount
Interior Decoration4,56,500
Final Price60,83,705

Project Photos showing all the stages and the content in the estimate.

What is this Site Specification?

1FeatureBrand / Description
 BrickAAC Blocks
 Door FrameTeak
 Main Door Teak
 Bedroom DoorFlush Doors
 Electrical BrandsAnchor Roma
 Plumbing FittingsParryware
 Tiles2 x 4 Tiles @ 80 Rs/sqft
 Interior Decoration 
 False ceilingHall, Bedroom and Kitchen
 TV UnitHall
 Modular KitchenKi

Compact Bungalow Hall:

  1. 2 x 4 Digital Tiles @ 120 Rs/sqft
    1. Double level floor
    1. TV Unit
    1. Home theatre provision
    1. False ceiling
    1. Carving Teak Main door
    1. High roof Area with Chandelier     ` Light
    1. Designer Staircase
    1. SS Railing for staircase
    1. Granite flooring for staircase with design
    1. SS Railing with Toughened glass

Dining Area:

dining area
  1. Wash basin
    1. Granite Table
    1. French Window

Pooja Room:

pooja room
  1. Bell cut doors
    1. Pooja cupboards
    1. UPVC window


  1. Modular Kitchen with Granite Top
    1. SS Fittings for Modular kitchen
    1. BMR grade plywood
    1. Wood finish laminate
    1. Auto hinges with hydraulics
    1. Customised space for Fridge
    1. Chimney
    1. Open Kitchen

Car Parking

compact bungalow car parking
  1. Anti-skid parking tiles
    1. French Window
    1. False ceiling
    1. High ceiling at 12 feet
    1. Common toilet
    1. Eb Panel
    1. Motor Room
    1. Main Gate with Designer laser cut design
    1. External Stair case with SS Railing

Hall at First floor

compact bungalow hall
  1. Provision for internet
    1. Provision for projector
    1. Home theatre

Master Bedroom:

compact bungalow bedroom
  1. False ceiling
    1. Wall design – Tensile Painting
    1. Loft Covering
    1. Wardrobes
    1. Luxury bathroom
      1. Bathtub
      1. Premium 3 in 1 wall mixer
      1. Glass Partition
      1. Washbasin cabinet with designer washbasin
      1. Top cabinet with Mirrors
      1. Premium SS towel hangers and fittings
      1. Premium SS bathroom drains
      1. Jaguar fittings
      1. Premium Floor mounted ceramic western closet with attached ceramic flush tank
      1. Premium matt finish tiles
      1. Single panel WPC waterproof bathroom doors


compact bungalow balcony
  1. Toughened Glass Railings
    1. Premium extra strong mega swing hooks
    1. SS Steel safety gates
    1. Half open balcony and sit out area with corridor at elevation


compact bungalow elevation
  1. Putty finish for elevation
    1. Rainbow texture Putty
    1. Groves with different colours
    1. Natural Stones for elevation with natural stone shiner polish
    1. Pergola designs


  1. Gym room at terrace
    1. Safety grill gates at the terrace

Please share and comment on this compact bungalow design post. Still, you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our team receives special training to ensure that you get all the answers from us you. Get a free consultation from our team. 

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