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How to get construction approval?

Construction approval

For any land you own need Land approval 

If you have plan to construct a home you need a construction approval. For construction approval you need to get Plan approval from the CMDA. You need floor plan for this approval (Planning Permit) from CMDA to construct your new house.  

During the process of completion of approval, you will receive your house plan with sealed with validity of the permit., Normally the construction approval will be valid for 5 years. After the validity period you need to renew your approval from CMDA. First 3 years of validity period and next 2 years for renewing. 

The main purpose for construction approval from CMDA within the city limits is: 

  • Construction Approval is Legal to construct your home  
  • Construction Approval is critical to get Bank Loan/Refinance for your construction  
  • Construction Approval is also necessary to obtain Infrastructure connections like Drainage, Water Supply, Road cutting and EB Power supply and all other Govt related schemes. 
  • For CMDA approval you have to provide your Land Tax and Property Tax which will be necessary Collaterals including Manual or Online PATTA which critically should be in the Person’s name as in their original Sale Deed. 
  • If the PATTA is not in your name as per Revenue Records we also do the service for Name Change of the same from your Sellers or Joint Names. 
  • The next process will be creating 2D floor plan to derive the exact measurement area to calculate the actual cost of construction as per your plan.  
  • After finalizing the 2D floor plan you have to get started to provide the necessary docs such as: Parent docs with Encumbrance certificate for last 30 years which is critical to go for the applying Construction approval. 
  • A blueprint copy of the finalized floor plan will be sent to Licensing Surveyor to get his signature which is necessary for applying the plan to CMDA. 
  • Finally, you can apply for the Construction Approval with necessary set of Docs with a complete support with a specialist service provider by US who will provide a Single window System service for the same which is called as Liasioning Service. 
  • Even government officers can’t try to demolish your house when you are approved by CMDA.   
  • You Can’t get bank loan without approval from CMDA   
  • For infrastructure connection like drainage, electricity, water pipe etc. you need CMDA permit.   
  • In outer city areas, you need approval from Local panchayat approval (local body approval) for connection like electricity, drainage etc.   
  • For approval you need to maintain your land tax and approval tax for the building you are constructing.  
  • For our clients we do all this process to reduce the pressure for our customers. If you need construction approval don’t waste your time in dealing with tasks. Come to us we have special team to help and get you construction approval.  
  • The main document you need for construction approval is PATTA. You should have online patta or manual patta before reaching us for your requirement. 

Suppose your name is not in the patta, we also deal with that service 

Our construction cost is 1800 Rs/sqft

Construction Cost Calculation

Don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our team receives special training to ensure that you get all the answers from us you. Get a free consultation from our team. 

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