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Construction Cost in 2024


Construction cost in Chennai at 2024 is around 2200 to 2600 Rs/sqft based on the materials which we choose. Out of which, construction cost can be split into two part.

  • Part 1: Structure
  • Part 2: Finishing Works
Construction cost in chennai split up

Construction cost in 2024 for Structure

To build a structure of the building, following phases are there:

  • Design of the building
  • Footing
  • Basement
  • RCC Structure – Columns, Staircase and Roof
  • Brickwork
  • Plastering and Electrical Concealing

The above scope of works contributes to 80% of the building’s completion. In addition to this, if the structure needs any complex RCC works like pile footing or large span beams, construction cost will increase. Pile footing cost might be at least 20% of the overall construction. Based on the design, the cost may go up to 6 to 8 lakhs for the 1500 to 2000 sqft building. Incase, if you need large beams or want to increase the steel and concrete volume, it is better to get the bill of quantity and pay the extra cost for the difference volume of steel and concrete.

Footing – Scope of work

For the isolated footing, the following works will happen.

  1. Marking of grids
  2. Excavation of footing as per design with JCB or Manual labour
  3. Setting up a reference level for the building
  4. PCC for all the footings
  5. Barbending for footing mat and columns
  6. Column erection and footing concrete
  7. Column concrete up to plinth level
  8. Backfilling for footing and consolidation
  9. PCC for plinth beam
  10. Barbending for plinth beam and shuttering
  11. Concrete works for plinth beam

Basement – Scope of works

The basement is the part of the building between ground floor level and plinth level. Basement is the base part of the building. Basement can be either filled or usuable space. If the basement level is less than 6 feet, it can be filled with filling soil or quarry dust over which the ground floor will be built. If it is more than 6 feet, a floor space can be created for storage or car park purposes with a minimum 7.5 feet height by providing a roof slab between natural ground level and ground floor level.

For regular residential buildings, basements are usually filled with filling soil and are consolidated to provide an elevated ground floor level. It is recommended to have a basement level 2 feet above the regular natural ground level and filled with filling soil. The important thing to keep in mind is that the higher the basement level, the bigger the ramp or staircase is required to access the top of the basement level. For 5 feet basement level, we need 10 steps, and is 9 feet long staircase required to reach the basement level. Same way at least 5 feet ramp is required for the car to climb the basement level.

  1. Brickwork for basement
  2. Excavation for underground tanks like sump and septic tank
  3. Construction of underground tanks
  4. Earth filling for basement
  5. Consolidation of filling soil
  6. PCC for basement

RCC Structure – Scope of works

Rcc structure includes roof slab, columns, roof beams, staricase. They are one of the important part of the building construction. There are two types of buildings, framed structure and load bearing structure. In the load-bearing structures, roof slab load will be transferred to the brickwall. The cost of the construction is less but we cannot change the floor plan design in the first floor. First floor plan has to be similiar to the ground floor i.e, the first floor wall has to be straight above the ground floor wall. Framed structure is the now commonly used structure.

In the framed structure buildings, First floor slab load will be transferred to the first floor roof beam, then it will be transferred to the first floor column. The load of the first floor column will be transferred to ground floor column. Ground floor column’s load will be transferred to the footing. If the span of the two columns is more, the depth of the beam should be more. More the volume of the concrete, more steel has to be used.

The scope of rcc structure are:

  1. Bar bending and column erection upto ground floor roof level
  2. Construction of staircase
  3. Ground floor roof shuttering and bar bending
  4. Electrical concealing work in ground floor roof
  5. Concrete work in ground floor roof
  6. Deshuttering of roof after 7 to 14 days

Brickwork – Scope of works

Brickwork is the second important part of the construction process. All the internal and external wall is built using red bricks or other alternatives like aac blocks, cement blocks, fly ash bricks etc,. Most commonly used blockwork are using chamber red bricks. Now a days, brickwork is used only as a room partition and external walls so, the load of the roof is not transferred to the walls. The scope of brickwork stage are:

  1. Marking of 1st line of brick. At this level, all the rooms will be marked along with door ways.
  2. Brickwork upto sill level – Sill level is the bottom level of windows usually 3 feet from floor.
  3. Brickwork upto lintel level. Lintle level is the top level of doors and windows
  4. Casting of lintle beam, sunshade and loft
  5. Brickwork upto roof level

Plastering – Scope of works

Plastering is the final process of construction for the structure. When the brickwork is over, we will plaster the uneven surface using fine mortar. Once the brickwork is over, the uneven surface of the brickwork will be covered by a fine cement and sand mixture called mortar. Before plastering, the electrical conduit lines will be laid in the brickwall. All the electrical concealed boxes will be laid. Once the concealing process is over, door frames will be fitted. Then, interior and exterior plastering will be done. Button marks will be made to define the finished plastering level to attain the smooth and even surface. Scope of plastering works are:

  1. Electrical concealing work
  2. Door frame fitting
  3. Button mark for plastering
  4. Interior plastering
  5. Exterior plastering
  6. Elevation plastering
  7. Kitchen slab works

Construction cost in 2024 for finishing stage works

The second segment of residential construction is the finishing stage works. The scope of finishing stage works are as follows:

  1. Flooring
  2. Joineries – Windows and Door Shutters
  3. Plumbing concealing works in bathrooms
  4. Plumbing delivery lines and fittings
  5. Electrical wiring and fittings
  6. Handrails
  7. Wall cladings
  8. Elevation works
  9. Interior Decoration
  10. Painting
  11. Cleaning and handing over

The approximate cost for finishing stage for a 1000 sqft house are

Scope of workAmount
Flooring 100000
Joineries and Grills100000
Electrical and Plumbing 125000
Painting 75000
Other expenses100000
Total Cost500000
Tentative cost for a 1000 sqft house – finishing stage works.

Construction cost in 2024 Chennai for a 1000 sqft house

Lets consider a 1000 sqft house for the following floor plan.

The proposed house has

  1. Car parking
  2. Land Area is:
  3. Built up area is: 3 bhk house of built up area:
  4. Type of house: Individual residential building
  5. Other requirements
    • Sump – 12000 Ltrs
    • Septic Tank – 6000 Ltrs

The quote is as follows:

1Construction – Structure100016001600000
2Flooring Lumsum100000100000
3Joineries and GrillsLumsum100000100000
4Electrical and Plumbing Lumsum125000125000
5Painting Lumsum7500075000
6Other expenses and laborLumsum100000100000
Tentative construction cost for the residential building with standard fittings

But, all the estimates are for reference purposes only. Actual construction cost can be calculated only based on the floor plan and the requirement. I have worked for a 1000 sqft house in which,

  1. The construction cost for the structure is: 1600 to 1650 Rs/sqft
  2. The construction cost for the finishing stage is: 500 Rs/sqft

The construction cost and construction time may be increased for the following factors:

  1. Building ground floor only
  2. There is space to keep the construction materials like sand, aggregate
  3. If the road width of the site is less than 18′ or if lorry cannot access the site. Because, if the big lorries cannot reach the site, the material cost is higher if the materials are purchased with smaller vehicles.
  4. If rock surface or hard surface is found during excavation of footing
  5. If the groundwater level is more in excavated footing trenches
  6. Not enough space to keep the excavated footing earthwork.

Please check out the previously completed project details – Click Here.

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