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Construction cost in 2021


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Click here for latest prices – ₹1600/- per Sq. ft.

In Chennai, the construction cost in 2021 is between 1600 Rs/sqft to 2000 Rs/sqft. It includes materials and labor. For duplex building – 1800 Rs/sqft. For luxury houses – 2000 Rs/sqft.

Everyone will have a question that what is included and what is not included and, before going into detail, you must understand that you cannot come to the conclusion about the construction cost without designing the house.

Generally, at 1600 Rs/sqft you cannot expect premium products but we can build a strong building at this price but you cannot build a beautiful house and, Second quality bricks will be used.

If you are planning to build another floor in the future, it will be a big question mark whether that building will withstand the load. So, building a house has too many factors to be considered.

Also click the link to see our YouTube video.

Construction cost in 2021 – Important factors to be considered before building the house:

  1. Soil Test
  2. Type of the footing
  3. Depth of the footing
  4. Basement height
  5. Sump and Septic Tank
  6. Quality of the brick used
  7. Structural Design
  8. Size of the beam and column
  9. Any special design in structure
  10. Elevation
  11. Bath Fittings
  12. No of Electrical points
  13. Cost of the tiles
  14. Doors and Window – Price

Based on the above factors, price of the construction will vary.

I will give the general specification below for 1600 Rs/sqft:

  1. Footing depth – 5 feet
  2. Footing Type – Isolated footing
  3. Basement – 2 feet
  4. Sump and Septic tank not included
  5. 1st quality chamber brick
  6. M-Sand
  7. Column and beam size upto 1′ x 9″
  8. Beam span upto 14′
  9. Coromandel or Ultra tech cement for concrete
  10. Tiles rate at 40 Rs/sqft – 2 x 2 vitrified tiles
  11. ISI grade bath fittings and electrical fittings
  12. Parryware closet and taps
  13. Orbit or Finolex wires
  14. Anchor or Kundan switches
  15. Teak Main door and frames
  16. Aluminium windows
  17. Flush door and teak frames

The following are not included:

  1. Compound wall
  2. Sump
  3. Septic Tank
  4. Basement height outside the building plint area
  5. Main Gate
  6. Safety Gate

In Mohankumar Constructions, we have special offers. Since we have in-house architects we can reduce the construction cost by creating the cost effective house plans.

We can calculate the exact cost for footing, brickwork, roof and other works seperately so that we don’t charge more for the customers.
Also check out our ongoing projects.

We have recently completed a project in Avadi at 1800 Rs/sqft. For more details, check the house tour video on our YouTube.

Construction cost in 2021 – Choose the builder

Nowadays, anyone can start a building construction business. There are some important points to note:

  1. The builder must have a registered architect to create a house plan.
  2. The builder must provide a structural drawing before starting the project.
  3. There should be a qualified site engineer carrying a diploma in civil engineering or Civil Engineering degree.
  4. Site engineers must have a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  5. If the site engineer doesn’t have the experience, there should be seniors to guide the site engineers.
  6. All the important discussion has to be given in writings.
  7. A rate card has to be signed along with the agreement for all the other construction-related services.
  8. The builder must be well versed in procurement. They must have good knowledge of all the products they use.
  9. If you want to change the product which they have mentioned in the specification, they must give the base rates for each product which they will use.
  10. Many builders don’t know to give the price break up for each stage of construction.
  11. In the event of a dispute, you must have a clear idea of how much you have been charged for each stage.
  12. If the builder does not have any office or infrastructure, be careful that many builders stop the building in the middle and run away. It will be very costly for sourcing another contractor.

Anyone can start the project but completing the project as planned is very important.

If you have any doubts or queries, call us at +9186102929123 or mail us at: info@mohankumarconstructions.in

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