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1200 Sqft Duplex House
2 Storey - Ennore

3 Bedrooms Open Kitchen Gym Private Terrace with Garden

Duplex House - Construction cost 50 Lakhs

This is short architectural story about how we designed a small housing plot of an extent 1200 sqft land into a beautiful compact bungalow. This property is located at North Chennai and our client  wants to build a beautiful house over his land which had 30 year old small house. So, Our team felt that this house should reflect his status at his locality. 

Compact Duplex House

SS Handrail

Wooden Window

Wooden Door

Pergola Design

MS Main Gate

Plastering Band

Plastering Grooves

Glass Railing

Stone Cladding

Property Detail

Total Area

1200 Sqft


30' x 40'


30 Feet



Road Width


Design Gallery

Client didn’t want to spend more as he already owns a house next street. He gave us a tight budget of 50 lakhs for entire project. We worked on the project with 5% discount overall and Finalised the project at 60.8 Lakhs with Interiors.

A duplex house with Internal Staircase

An External Staircase

A Car parking

3 Bedrooms

1 Living Room with TV unit

1 Hall

1 Family Room

Open Kitchen

6 seater Dining space

A balcony space

A gym at terrace

One Private Terrace with Garden

Project Details

Buildup Area

Ground Floor

1100 Sqft

First Floor

1100 Sqft

Second Floor

300 Sqft

Total Area

2500 Sqft

Our Estimate Break-up

Client didn’t want to spend more as he already owns a house next street. He gave us a tight budget of 50 lakhs for entire project. We worked on the project with 5% discount overall and Finalised the project at 60.8 Lakhs.

Interior Specification

Total Budget

₹ 60,83,705

Site Specifications

Building Plan Approval

Construction Approval-Advise-Copy

Steps of getting Building Plan Approval

To get building plan approval, we need to create a floor plan and elevation with the registered architect or engineer. An application for building plan approval will be applied by the registered engineer to the local authority or CMDA. Govt authority will issue an advice copy. Once the amount is paid, you will get the building plan approval.

  1. Survey your land and mark the boundary of your PLOT.
  2. Decide the total number of floors and a total number of houses.
  3. Reach the Registered Architect or Licensed Surveyor to design the house.
  4. Registered Architect will check for the eligibility for getting a planning permit.
  5. Based on the guidelines from CMDA/DTCP, a plan or blueprint along with elevation and structural drawing should be created.
  6. Submit the blueprint online or offline.
  7. Submit the application to CMDA or Corporation portal.
  8. CMDA authority will review the application and visit the site.
  9. After the visit, they will send you an advice copy – The total fees to be paid towards the planning permit.
  10. Based on the advice copy, you can pay the fees online or through DD.
  11. After you paid the fees, the development authority will give you a planning permit – Building Approval within 1 week after the receipt of payment.

The above are the major steps in getting a planning permit or building approval.

To check for the eligibility to get building approval for your property – Click here. If you are eligible, also check the cost of construction approval – Click here.

List of Documents required for getting Construction or Building Plan Approval

  1. Detailed Floor plan designed by a registered architect or licensed surveyor.
  2. Elevation design and Structural Drawing.
  3. Sale Deed and Parent Documents from the 1970s
  4. Patta in the name of the owner.
  5. EC – Encumbrance Certificate Latest.
  6. Get the sign from a notary public in all the documents.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our team receives special training to ensure that you get all the answers from us you. Get a free consultation from our team. 

Detailed Process:

  Construction approval is a document issued by the government authority which permits you to build a residential building based on the guidelines.

Construction approvals are given by two government offices – CMDA and DTCP. If your property is located within the city limit, you have to apply the building approval in CMDA(Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority). If it is outside city limit, you have to apply in DTCP(District Town and Country Planning).


Further, if your project is less than 8 houses and no of floors is upto ground + 3 floors, you can apply the approval directly with the local corporation or municipality. It is always advisable to draw a floor plan with the experienced architects who has drawn more than 500 to 1000 plans. Because, they will have enough experience in drafting the drawing.

After the draft is drawn, it has to authenticated by the licensed surveyor or registered engineer. If the site is within the city limit, drawings can be submitted online along with the application fees. Then, attested documents signed by notary public has to be submitted to the government authority.

Then, drawings will be printed with ammonia printer and sketched. Then, in the sketched drawing, you have to sign and submit again to the government authority. After reviewing the application and drawing, an inspection will be done at the site.

If the inspecting engineer don’t have any objection, the government authority will issue an advice copy. As per the advice copy, payment has to be made online or by Demand Draft.

Once the payment is made, approval will be given by the government authority.

Duration to get construction approval:

Entire approval process has more departments involved. If all the documents are ready, we can receive the construction approval within 21 to 30 days. Usually, it takes between 1 month to 3 months time to complete all the process based on the availability of the government authority and correctness of the document.

Cost of construction Approval:

In  Mohankumar Constructions Pvt ltd, we are doing this service at just 15000 Rs excluding the government fees. All the required documents will be collected from your house and we will give you a consultation with our architect. Entire process will be taken care of by us. 

Approval Document Gallery

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