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Best Home Renovation Tips You Will Read!

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This is a room-by-room guide of home renovation ideas that will add significant value to your space. It is very easy to renovate the home decor and replace everything old with new but to avoid the high costs that follow this enthusiasm.

We have prepared a set of ideas that help in the renovation of the house at the lowest and most important costs. Home renovation ideas at the lowest costsThe house completely changes when renovating the kitchen and living room, adding to its aesthetics.

If you are one of those who have decided to buy an old house, inherited a property, or need to renovate your home for many years, don’t worry: no matter how bad some spaces look, everything can be improved.

We share some house renovation ideas on how to remodel your house without large investments or works that stress us out.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas 

The cost of a kitchen renovation depends on the number of changes required, as the home can be renovated at the lowest possible cost. 

  • Advance planning 

Before starting the implementation, everything that is necessary and requires renewal must be determined first, and randomness is avoided during the purchase.

It is also necessary to plan in advance and confirm the cost of any of the home supplies in the market before disposal. 

Choose the colours of your kitchen cabinets carefully 

The entire kitchen cabinets are expensive to replace, and the facade is also expensive to replace with a layer of wood, so painting them from the outside is sufficient to make them nicer if replacing them is not an urgent necessity. 

  • Lighting 

The methods of installing lighting units play a big role in the intensity of lighting, as the installation of lighting strips under the cabinets improves the visibility of the cooking area, and the lamps hanging or installed on the ceiling significantly increase the intensity of lighting without replacing the lighting units, which makes the home renovation process at the lowest costs Easier. 

  • Avoid messing with extensions 

Restore the facade of the house without changing any extensions to kitchen utensils, such as extensions for the dishwasher, sink, or oven. 

White colour is the perfect choice to make the kitchen look wider and brighter, in addition to its low cost. 

  • Add modern stylish finishes 

Elaborate details are the basis of a luxury kitchen. For less than AED 3,000, you can add artificial stone veneer panels (backsplash) to protect kitchen walls from oil and other stains, as well as add an aesthetic touch to the decor to make the kitchen look stylish and modern.

The backsplash is Moroccan tile featuring mosaic art that gives the kitchen a great look. 


Living room Renoavtion Ideas

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house on ordinary days and on holidays and occasions to receive family and friends. 

  • Change the decor of the furniture 

Changing and replacing the furniture can transform a room into a more beautiful place. 

TV is the central piece in and around the living room and the change begins. Moving the sofa, coffee table and carpet can significantly affect the overall room look at no additional cost. 

  • The Biggest Factor: Paint 

One of the most effective agents in giving a room a new look is paint.

You can paint the house yourself or paint it with your family for fun. Bold, clear colours are great for living room, like so-called citrus colours like orange, yellow, etc.

A specific wall can be painted with ornaments or decorated with distinctive quotes or with vibrant colours that express the homeowner and the character of his furnishings. 

  • Upholstery renovation 

Renewing the furnishings does not mean buying new pieces, for example, upholstering or repairing existing pieces works to renew them creatively in a beautiful way.

If the paint of the sofas is in good condition, it is sufficient to change the pillows and add decorative pieces of fabric as covers for the sofa’s hands, as these simple changes give the room more warmth and a feeling of renewal without the high cost. 

  • Accessories 

You may see them as small and simple pieces, but they are very effective in revitalizing your living room. 

For example, replace the sofa cushions with colourful ones. Avoid switching floors or covering them with full carpets, and be content with elegant pieces of rugs. 

  • Lighting 

Lighting is a very important factor to create a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, for example, using lighting on the floor or tables, and in small numbers, gives an elegant touch to the living room. There are types of lighting including ambient lighting and directional lighting. 

  • Ambient lighting 

It is the general lighting that illuminates the room completely and at a uniform level of the place without focusing on one side of the room alone. Sources: Pendant lamps such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, or lamps that rest on floors and tables. 

  • Directed lighting 

It is lighting that focuses on a specific thing to highlight and highlight it, such as a piece of furniture, antiques, or a painting installed on the wall. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Although the bathrooms are small in size compared to the rest of the rooms in the house, their renovation may require a high cost. Methods for renovating bathrooms are very similar to methods for renovating a kitchen. 

We review the following: 

  • Paint 

Painting the bathroom completely may increase the cost of renovating the house, here you may resort to painting the bathroom yourself. Like kitchen cabinets, the white colour creates a feeling of spaciousness and elegance. One of the top tips to follow is to use paint tape on the corners and edges to keep the finish clean and perfect. 


  • Avoid modifying major extensions 

Avoid changing the location of water or sewage installations to avoid the high cost of renovation. 

  • Accessories consistency 

A small detail that may transfer the bathroom to another level of beauty, such as the floor rugs and the toilet cover and coordinate its colours with towels, curtains and laundry baskets, which gives a unified and elegant character to the entire bathroom. 

Bedroom Renovation Ideas 

A person spends a third of his life asleep, so a quiet room is one of the most important factors for deep sleep. 

Here are some ways to make a bedroom renovation at the lowest cost. 


  • Renovation of furniture 

Painting the front of the bed and the wardrobe in the bedroom often refreshes the look of the bedroom. 

There are several steps to getting a successful coating, including removing any broken or dusty pieces. 

Also, the old shiny paint layer is removed by sanding it with sandpaper to facilitate its coating, as the piece is coated with a first layer of paint and then another layer to fix the paint. 


  • Bedding and sheets 

Changing sheets and sheets is one of the most important factors in feeling the change that is needed, so make sure to have consistent covers at an affordable cost. 

  • Lighting 

Lighting renovation is one of the most effective factors that add elegance and beauty to home decor. 

For example, to get a good lighting for the make-up table, you can change the old lampshade. This gives a new feel to the room at no additional cost. 

Having questions in house renovation? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from our team. 

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